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Are you looking for the most trusted HVAC company in San Antonio? Well, luckily, you have come to the right spot. Here at Comfort Boys Home Services, we will help you take care of all your HVAC needs. We are one of the most experienced and professional companies in San Antonio that deals with all kinds of repairs, maintenance, and installation of air conditioning and heating services. We have it all here, from having one of the best air conditioning installation services, to having a very trusted repair program. We specialize in all types of HVAC systems, and if you are looking forward to reducing your energy costs, you have come to the right place. We are one of the oldest air conditioning companies in San Antonio Texas, and the number of positive reviews we get from our customers reflects our quality and work.

If you encounter any type of problem-related to your HVAC system or mini-split system, just pick up your phone and call us. You can also reach out to us through our website or our social media pages. We have a very responsive customer care service who will always be ready to answer your questions. Being one of the oldest air conditioning companies in San Antonio Texas, we understand the common problems people face and how important it is to get rid of them instantly. We are also one of the most affordable companies in San Antonio, and our rates are very flexible depending upon your budget. We understand the client’s demands and never fail to entertain them. So give us a call today for a free quote!


As they say, the climate is everything, and it is essential to have the right temperature for your home or office. To ensure you encounter no problems with your heating and cooling, we have provided one of the best repair and maintenance services in San Antonio. Whether it is heating, cooling, or maintaining your indoor air quality, we are there for you. Our workers are skilled, and all of them have been with us for years. Together, we have helped thousands of people in San Antonio get the best HVAC systems installed and repaired.

Whether you need complete maintenance of your system or just a routine safety check, we are available for you. You can call us to get a free quote, and once you make the booking, our workers will be at your place at the given time. Here at Comfort Boys, we value time and understand the problems encountered while your HVAC system is not working correctly.

Apart from installing complete HVAC systems that are centrally connected, we also deal in installing and repairing any ductless mini split system. Instead of being connected through the entire house or building, they are just used to warm or cool a single room within a building. They are ideal when you are looking for privacy. Being the best HVAC contractor San Antonio locals rely on, we always look forward to installing the best quality systems, wirings, and applications. We never compromise on quality, and that is the primary reason why we are one of the best in this business. Contact us if you are in need of an HVAC contractor San Antonio natives have continued to happily employ!

We Install Quality AC San Antonio Homes Require

Living in San Antonio during the scorching hot summers without an air conditioning system can be pretty tough. We are always ready to help our customers install new air conditioners or repair their old ones. Moreover, if you feel your old AC cannot cool down the place well, you should immediately book our services for repair and maintenance. However, If your AC has been installed for over 15 years, the best thing to do would be to get a new one. We are one of the oldest and most trusted companies for air conditioning installation. We have several brands available, and you can choose the best one depending upon your use and budget. 

One of the most significant advantages of going for a new AC is the reduced energy bills. The modern-day inventors cost much less, and you will see the difference in your electricity bills. We will help you replace your old air conditioning system with a new brand with unmatched quality. Not only this, but our installation labor is second to none. We have hired some of the most professional workers, and they have been with us for years. If you have an AC San Antonio TX residents are urged to call us. Especially with the summer’s approaching, it is ideal to contact us and get the most affordable AC San Antonio TX resident have continued to recommend.

What Makes Us One Of The Best Air Conditioning Repairs Company?

The best way to get away from the San Antonio heat is to turn up your air conditioning systems. What do you do when they are not working or are unable to cool your house? An AC tends to last almost 8-12 years, so if your AC has passed the time, you might consider finding a new one. However, if you feel your AC needs a repair and is good to go with some maintenance, you must contact us as we have provided one of the best air conditioning maintenance services for years. Once the summer season arrives, the power input to the AC can be a problem that can be solved by just turning on the separate breaker of the AC. However, if the situation still prevails, you need to get in touch with us. Our experts will come over to your place and will inspect your system. 

There might be several reasons why your AC has stopped cooling. One of them can be faulty wires, or you might need to change your AC gas. No matter how challenging the problem is, our skilled workers have the solution to them. One of the reasons might be the thermometer causing the air conditioner to turn off automatically after the thermostat gets cool air from an AC vent. We have one of the best San Antonio air conditioning service available and our workers will make sure to get your AC the way it was or even better. Our honesty and integrity have shown throughout all our air conditioning repairs. So if you are in need of air conditioning repairs contact us today for a service you’ll never forget!



Quality rated
San Antonio Air Conditioner Repair

If your energy bills have increased suddenly without any reason, or you feel a lack of cooling in your place, then you might need to repair your AC. When your AC is not cooling down your house effectively like it used to do, it may be because of weather changes. Sometimes, your air conditioner fails to cool down the entire house. Your AC might be too small to cool down your place, and for that reason, you might need to install a much bigger and better air conditioning system. However, getting a new AC can be pretty expensive, and you might want to go for a cheaper option to repair your old AC. We are one of the oldest air conditioning maintenance companies in San Antonio, and we have the best workers who will help your AC restore to the best working conditions. 

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and the products we use for repairs are from certified companies. Apart from giving the best quality repairs, we also have one of the most affordable prices in San Antonio. We also have no hidden charges, and you can get a free quote from our workers instantly after they analyze your AC. Alongside residential services, we also offer complete commercial AC repairs and maintenance. No matter how extensive the work is, we have the required workforce to complete it in the given time. Our San Antonio air conditioner repair stands out as the best AC repair service in the city due to our competitive prices and quality control. So if you are in need of San Antonio air conditioner repair don’t hesitate to call us today!


Local & Fast Heater InstallationS

Apart from the scorching heat in the summers, San Antonio has very chilly winters, especially at night. However, no matter how cold it is outside, we will make sure to help you keep warm with the help of our unique heating systems. If your heating system has stopped working or is not maintaining the correct temperature inside, then you might need to go for a new heating system that contains boilers, heat pumps, and furnaces. Luckily, we have been heating San Antonio TX houses for years, and we are aware of the best heating equipment and brands. 

The HVAC systems we install will cover all your winter needs, and you will not feel the cold again. Not only residential, but we also make sure to provide the best commercial heater installation in San Antonio. One of the most common heating systems in the US is the use of a central furnace. It helps in delivering warm air to the rooms using ductworks and registers. They are energy efficient and help to warm the home in the quickest time. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today, and book the best heater installation for your home or office.

YOUR Ideal Heater Replacement SYSTEM

If your heater is not working or has just stopped heating your place, then you might need to replace it. If you live in San Antonio, you should contact us through our website or just call us on our mobile number. We are experts when it comes to furnace heating, and if your furnace is 10-15 years old, you might consider going for a replacement. We have been heating San Antonio TX houses and offices for years, and we work with some of the top companies in the city. With their help, we arrange the best heating systems for your houses which are guaranteed to last more than ten years.

Moreover, once you install a new heater, you will be saving a lot more in energy costs over the years. Repairs and maintenance would cost you the same amount in the next few years, so it is better to give up the old furnace and get a completely new system. Once you make the booking, our workers will head over to your place and start planning the installation. Once the arrangements are made, the process begins, and our workers will complete the installation in no time. We provide the best San Antonio air conditioning service available and we take pride in cooling your home. We also take pride in having a thorough heater replacement service that will wow you. So, whenever you look for the best and most affordable heater replacement in San Antonio, you should just contact us.

Your ideal heater replacement system
When it Comes to HVAC
Texans Always Choose Us

For years, we have been consistently providing some of the best HVAC services. From cooling to heating, we do it all. Alongside installing and repairing complete systems, we specialize in installing a ductless mini split system in your homes or offices. They are much more economical to manage, as you can operate them as a single piece instead of a complete system that runs through the building. Our efficient techniques when installing the system also make us one of the best companies in the city. Whether you want to stay calm or want to warm up your surroundings, we are the one place to shop for your needs. We have certified contracts from various top companies, and we only use the best AC or heaters for our customers. 

Over the years, we have built our trust due to our honesty and integrity, and we continue to do it with the help of our lovely customers. We have the most energy-efficient solutions to your problems, and at the most affordable prices. We are available throughout the year, and you can reach out to us quickly on the given phone number. Our customer care service is top-notch, and they are always waiting for your call. We provide HVAC San Antonio TX residents can rely on, and we hope you’ll be one of the many people to recommend us!

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